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About Louise

I am the Compliance Coordinator and I work alongside the consultants to onboard new candidates. I started working for Fox Morris Group in November 2022. Since then, I feel that I have made huge professional progress through the tailored support of my managers and colleagues. What I like the most about working for FMG, is the supportive culture within the office and I feel as though we are one big family. It is the personalised approach and hard working nature of the company that I admire the most.

As a Compliance Coordinator specialising in pre-employment checks, I am dedicated to upholding the highest standards of compliance, safeguarding the interests of candidates and clients alike. Through my expertise, attention to detail, and collaborative approach, I strive to ensure that our recruitment agency maintains a rigorous and compliant pre-employment screening process. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the selection of qualified, trustworthy candidates while fostering a reputation for excellence, integrity, and professionalism. I oversee the process of conducting thorough background checks, which may include verification of educational credentials, employment history, professional licenses, references, criminal records, and more. I ensure that all checks are performed ethically, efficiently, and in strict compliance with applicable laws.

If you have any questions related to compliance and pre-employment checks, please get in touch and I will be happy to help!