How to become the perfect candidate?

Posted on 22 August 2023

Would you like to know how you could become the perfect candidate?

These are some tips to help you become successful in gaining a new position.

Get prepared / Know what you want:

- What are your career goals?

- Are you willing to commute?

- What do you want from your next position?

Your CV:

- Keep your CV to 2-3 pages

- Ensure your cv is concise, cover your education, experience, responsibilities and achievements

- Make it clear about what you are looking for / what you want from your next position. (this makes it easier for our consultants to find the perfect role for you)

- Make sure you know what is on your CV and always keep it up to date

- Always include employment dates on your CV

Let us know how to communicate with you:

- What is the best way to communicate with you? phone call? WhatsApp? email?

- Being clear with communication will work in everybody's best interest.

- Be reliable.

Compliance Documents:

- It is important to send requested compliance documents as soon as possible, as this could cause delays in your start date or pay if we do not have your compliance on file

- We want to get you started in your new role just as much as you do, so please be speedy and efficient if you are asked to send in compliance.

Interviews / Feedback:

- Make sure you prepare for your interviews! Research the company, who will be interviewing you, read through the job specification, consider which of your achievements/ skills match what the company is looking for, and always make sure you are early / on time and well mannered

I hope you have found this useful.

Please see our other blogs for tips and tricks on how to create the best CV and how to have successful interviews.

If you are ready to become the perfect candidate, get it touch today!

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